Antonowka - Village Description

Powiat Kostopol

Village timeframe 1940 to 1943

According to the GUS of 1939 the Colony had 80 inhabitable buildings, divided between Ukrainian 40, Poles 20, German & Jewish 20.

10 Feb. 1940 NKVD deported to Siberia the following military settlers along with their families.

Jan Bara, Konstanty Guziewicz & Cezary Niedzielski.

The same year all German families left for Germany. The empty houses were given to the local Ukrainian families.

In 1942 two Jewish families were taken to the Ghetto where they were murdered by the German & Ukrainian police.

In 1943 UPA attacked the Polish buildings, which were  robbed of all usable items and then burned to the ground. At the same time the 19 inhabitants were murdered. 4 persons from the family of Czeslaw Guziewicz which were his Ukrainian wife and three daughters (6, 8 & 12 year olds). Czeslaw managed to hide at the last minute and survived. 3 persons from the family Hermaszewski, Piotr and his two sons Antoni & Jan. 4 persons from the family of Hilary Kotowski. 4 persons from the family of Zablocki.

From Antonowka came a family of Adam Lucyk(Ukrainian), this family had some of their members married to Poles. In 1943 Adam his son Andrzej & daughter Zofia were denounced to the local OUN/UPA and were shot. There is concrete evidence that his youngest son Wolodia took part in the denunciation and murder of his own family.


 Source: Na Rubiezy magazine