My mother's Birthplace

My mother's house stood by the main Lwow - Tarnopol - Stanislawow road. The road was 1.5 km from the Artillery Barracks, it was close to a settlement named Zolotarka. It was lined with oak trees, when the house was built those trees were just saplings. During the Soviet invasion my mother along with others used to hide under those trees from the Soviet planes that were strafing the barracks and inadvertently dropping bombs in "other" places. The house is now gone, it survived the Soviets, Germans and the Soviets again, but it didn't survive the next epoch. It was burned down by the Ukrainians after my family was resettled to destroy any trace of a Polish family in the now Ukrainian land, the well in the yard was filled in to conceal bodies that were thrown into it, that well had the most clear and crisp cold water, there used to be a bucket in the hall of the house with water from the well so that people who came past on hot days could have a drink. The house almost saw another tragedy when my grandfather escaped from a Soviet prisoner transport and came back to his family only to get caught again by a Soviet soldier and was put up against the house wall in readiness to be shot, only to be saved by the pleading of my grandmother.

Short Description/History

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