The Coat of Arms of the Polish (1920 - 1939) period


The Coat of Arms of the Polish (1920 - 1939) period represented a heraldic sign "Role". In a gules field there was an argent heraldic six foil rose with an or binding and the or center. From behind of the two upper and one lower leaves three argent sickles. Two upper sickles with their points turned to the dexter side and the lower sickle was turned to the sinister side.

Short Description/History

 City on the Seret river

First mentioned in documents dating back to 1522. During the uprisings of 1648 Czortkow was one of the bases of the peasant rebels. From 1672 to 1683 the city was under Turkish rule then under Polish rule from 1699 and under Austrio-Hungarian rule from 1772. Until 1779.

Czortkow castle was the residence of the Potocki magnates.

CASTLE - built in 1610. Situated on a mountain overlooking the river. Conservation measures for the preservation of its ruins were undertaken in the early 20th century. One of the few private defensive structures in Podolia.

ASCENSION CHURCH- 1730's This wood structure is an example of Podolian folk wood architecture.

DORMITION CHURCH - 1635. A unique monument of Podolian folk wood architecture. It was enlarged in the 19th century.

A Carmelite monastery complex (1635) a Roman Catholic church (1731) city hall, old market (19th cent.) and an Ethnographic Museum are also located in Czortkow


 During the Soviet occupation in 1940, on Jan 21   students staged an uprising against the Soviets. 600 people were arrested some of whom are shot, including some of the students



According to the census of 01/01/1939 the County consisted of;

County Area

734 sq km

County Populace




over 40%

Jews & others

under 10%

The town of Czortkow had 2684 Inhabitable buildings and a total of 19.215 inhabitants broken down into





Rusins, Ukrainians


Ormian, German, Russians & others



Sketched map of the District with villages

Czortkow Photos

Map of Czortkow area

Czortkow Villages

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