Towns/Villages of Dolina County

This is by no means a complete list, I have just begun the work on these villages.


Bolechow - The town had 1750 inhabitable buildings and 10.744 inhabitants. The majority of inhabitants were Jews with  10.027 people, Poles took 487, Rusins 170 and 60 Germans.

Borszniow-Osada - The village had 237inhabitable buildings and 1631 inhabitants. Rusins(Ukrainians) made up the majority with 919 persons, Poles 439 persons, 223 Jews and 50 Germans.

Czolhany - The village had 364 inhabitable buildings and 1899 inhabitants. Russins(Ukrainians) 1730 persons, Poles 59 persons there were also 131 Jews.

Dolina - See town description.









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