This page deals with the villages that were lost or disappeared during the War years.

Their loss can be attributed to the German Pacification or the Nationalistic acts of vengeance committed by the Ukrainian bands of "Banderowcy and UPA". This page is not meant to show animosity or attempt to get "Even" but to be here as part of remembrance of the lost communities. The villages in question included a number of other nationalities including Jews, Ukrainians(Rusins) and Belorusians that were also "taken care" of during those terrible times, the Jews were destroyed by the German Army and the Ukrainians that refused to toe the UPA/OUN line were also "disposed" of by those bands. Even to this day the continuous defiance of those deeds is still being played by those parties that perpetrated them and their continuous contempt for those people who survived and those like me who try and show the other nations what went on in the name of "Free Ukraine".


There are so many villages, hamlets that were destroyed during the terrible war years and even after the war had ended. The animosity of the Ukrainian towards their old Polish neighbours was utmost brutal and the memories of the people that managed to live through those times can never be stilled. They still wonder why did it all happen, why were those things done, why were their nearest and dearest taken from them in such a brutal way. The sheer number of places that were destroyed has compelled me to stop these pages as it would be impossible to complete this project and place every name and place that doesn't exist on these pages. There are however some details that I will keep on these pages. In remembrance to those terrible times.


They came by night, silently creeping up to each house, then with a shout of "Smert Lacham" the nightmare began, axes, pitchforks and knives rained down, when it was over the only witness to those heinous crimes was the cold dark night

 This was their 'War' Cry as they murdered 'Za San Lasze, bo to nasze' (Over the San Pole, because this is ours)







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