I would like to state that the information on these pages is accurate and truthful, I do not try and hide any facts unlike the present day Ukrainian sites which try to falsify the actual facts and pretend that the Polish life in those areas didn't exist. The Polish life flourished and was very vibrant, full of history and the current Ukrainian Regime with the help of the Nationalistic Ukrainians that fought with their Nazi masters and the bands of Banderowcy, UPA and OUN who were and still are doing their best to try and irradiate any traces of it and to try and make the world believe that only their "life" existed and all that wonderful Polish history is theirs in the making.

I haven't created this site for any political reasons but in remembrance to those times and to pay homage to my family that lived in those areas and from which they were forcibly expelled at the end of World War II. I have had some unsavoury emails informing me that the historical content is "Wrong". I'm yet to be proven to that extent by those persons from whom I received those emails.

I do not conduct any research nor do I have any information on individuals with exception of details that are already published on these pages.


This will show you the type of emails that I have been receiving from the Ukrainian Brotherhood and their tactics to try and shot me down

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