The Coat of Arms of the Russian period


The Coat of Arms of the Russian period was confirmed on the 4th of June 1782 on a basis of an old emblem - a triple-lodged tower crowned with a church cupola and a crown with battlements stood in an argent field

Short Description/History

The town was mentioned for the first time 907 as one of the three biggest towns of Rus'. Since the second half of the XII century it was the center of a personal principality.

In 1585 it was given the Magdeburg Right.

In 1620 it was given an emblem. In a deed of Sigizmund III it was described as "a tower with a cross on a lake". Since 1648 it was a regimental town.

On the 8th of January 1654 two hundred and eighty four leutenant - colonels of Cossack troops swore fidelity to a tsar. The event was named "Pereyaslavs'ka Rada". It was the beginning of Russian annexation of Ukraine.