Kamieniec Podolski


Short Description/History

Ruins of the Kamieniec Castle. The first castle called Kamieniec (or Ehrenberg) was built here around the XIIIth century to provide defence of Eastern Poland from attacks of Estern nations.

Kamieniec is mentioned in documents from 1348 and then it belonged to the king Cassimir the Great. Next Polish king, Wladyslaw Jagiello, gave this castle to a knight Klemens of Moskarzewo who became famous during wars against the Knights of Order of Our Lady (Teutonic Knights - Krzyzacy). In the XVth century he rebuilt and elarged the upper castle and added the lower castle. Large part of walls of the upper and lower castle remained until present. North walls are preserved in whole with such details as a cornice.

Thanks to its next owner the lower castle was rebuilt in the XVIth century and now both are easily noticable renaissance elements e.g. sculptured windows. Unfortunately, in the XVIIth century Poland had the misfortune of being invaded by the Swedes and George Rakosi of Transilvania and that was the beginnig of a the end of Kamieniec.

The last inhabitants left In the XVIIIth century.



The castle in this town is where the mystical Pan Wolodyjowski and his friend Ketling, after bitterley defending the castle against the Turks and upon the declaration of surender blew up the castle and themselves rather than surender to the Turkish invaders

"Wacpanie, idz do mojej zony i powiedz jej 'Nic to'

The Cathedral in Stanislawow is the place of his mystical funeral