5th 'Kresowa' Infantry Division

As the Division bears the 'Kresy' name and majority of it's sub units were from the Wilno, Wolyn and Lwow regions  I thought it appropriate to include this page within this domain


Originaly the 5th Infantry Division was stationed in Lwow - Commanded by gen. Juliusz Zulauf, after the disastrous September '39 campaign the division was disbanded. After the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 the Polish forces were to be reformed and they were to fight under the Allied command in the west, then it became part of the Polish 2nd Corps fighting on the Italian Front. Shortage of manpower dictated that only two Infantry Brigades were formed from the soldiers released from the Soviet camps. The table below describes the Division as it was prior to the outbreak of World War 2.

The title "Kresowa" was bestowed upon the division when it was transferred to the Middle East 1941-42

Prior to the Second World War the division consisted of;

10th ' Wolynski' Inf Battalion (Batalion Strzelcow)

11th ' Wolynski' Inf Battalion (Batalion Strzelcow)

12th ' Wolynski' Inf Battalion (Batalion Strzelcow)

5th 'Wilenska' Infantry Brigade

13th ' Wilenski' Inf Battalion (Batalion Strzelcow ‘Rysiow’)

14th ' Wilenski' Inf Battalion (Batalion Strzelcow ‘Zbikow’)

15th ' Wilenski' Inf Battalion (Batalion Strzelcow ‘Wilkow’)

6th ' Lwowska' Infantry Brigade

16th ' Lwowski' Inf Battalion (Batalion Strzelcow)

17th ' Lwowski' Inf Battalion (Batalion Strzelcow)

18th ' Lwowski' Inf Battalion (Batalion Strzelcow)

Machine Gun Battalion

5th ' Kresowy' Heavy Machine Gun Battalion (CKM)


25th Regiment of Ulanow Wielkopolskich


4th ' Kresowy' Artillery Regiment

5th ' Wilenski' Artillery Regiment

6th ' Lwowski' Artillery Regiment

Light Artillery Regiment

5th ' Kresowy' Anti Tank Regiment

5th ' Kresowy'  Light Anti Aircraft Artillery Regiment


Sappers 5th ' Kresowej' Inf Division


5th ' Kresowy' Communication Battalion

14th 'Wielkopolska ' Armoured Brigade

15th Regiment Ulanow Poznanskich

3rd Regiment Ulanow Slaskich

10th Regiment of Huzzars

14th Advanced Repleacement Tank Squadron


14th ' Wielkopolska' Sapper Company

14th ' Wielkopolski' Communication Squadron


Divisional History - soon

Divisional Id covers

Red Popies - Czerwone Maki


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