Krzywy Rog

Current Coat of Arms

The modern Coat of Arms in May 1998. A shield per pale by vert and gules. In a  shield are argent Cossack powder-flask with three or oak leaves and two acorns.


Short Description/History

Cossack powder-flask made of horns, which first of all indicates a title of the city, and also on par with the famous past of  the land (untill 1775 - it was Zaporizka Sich territory). The legend of the founder of the city, the Cossack named Kryvyi Rih, and other version about a parentage of a title of city. The formation of curve cape at coalescence Inhulets and Sacsagan rivers. Powder-flask also speaks about a more potential and the capabilities of the city. "There is still powder in powder-flask!", also resembles of call-up "Hold a powder dry always!"

The or oak trifolium with two acorns is a character of force, strength and spiritual revival. The trifolium by the form resembles the trident, the Ukrainian symbol. Besides the trifolium it symbolizes the past, modern and the future, with their continuous connection.

The vert colour means welfare, will, hope and pleasure. Gules means bravery, love and magnanimity. Or means force, accuracy. Argent means purity of thoughts and operatings.