In Defense of Lwow and the Eastern Borderlands Obrona Lwowa i Wschodnich Kresow - Polegli od 1 Listopd 1918 do 30 Czerwiec 1919

Those Who Died from 1 November 1918 to 30 June 1919


The inscription reads: "Urn with the earth from the cemetery of Orlat Lwowskich"

The short Story of the fighting

Towards the end of WWI, when the identity of the Galician lands were still undecided fighting erupted in the city and in the surrounding areas. In the evening of 31 October 1918 a soldier from the Legions was killed, he was to be the first casualty of the fighting. In the early morning of 1 November a Ukrainians storming of the Sienkiewicz school, which was defended by a 85 man unit, began the fight for the city. The small Polish military units in Lwow were at the time still disorganized and practically without a decent supply of ammunition, but help was on it's way. The units concentrated around the city of Przemysl were ordered to go to Lwow's aid, but only a small portion of them arrived. On 21 November the units of Lwow and Przemysl fought the final battle for the city, the local youths were also heavily involved in the fighting, those sometimes children fought for the city with great courage and patriotism. The Polish units strength was small compared to the Ukrainians, but they fought with passion and on the 21 November the Ukrainian Headquarters issued an order to it's units to withdraw from the city. At 8am on the 22 November 1918 the whole town was in Polish hands and on the City Hall flew the White and Red Polish flag.


This is the current resting place of the Defenders of Lwow after their old resting place was "removed"

The Current Ukrainian Government wishes to place a plaque with the wording "To the Unknown Fighters" on the monument, could it be that the Ukrainian Government is afraid  tell the world the truth that Polish children, some as young as10 fought off the best that they the Ukrainians could offer at that time, namely The Sicz Riflemen(Stszelcy Siczowi)

Defenders of Lwow monuments

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