The Magdeburg Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Misocz forms a circle shield on which the letters "M" and "W" were interlaced. Around the emblem there was an inscription - "Herb miasta, miasta Mizocza". The letters "W" and "M" symbolized the name of the town

Short Description/History

The first written mention about Misocz Big and Small dates back to to 1322. In 1594 they were redeemed by prince Janusz Ostrozki. From 1720 Misocz belonged to magnates Karwatski. King August III in a letter dated 23 September 1761 allowed to Juzef Kaetan Lunin-Karwatski to base city Big Misocz in Lutsk district and gave it the Magdebourg right. In the text of the letter the stamp with the Arms of City there is the round form. The board in which letters "лю" and "W" are bound was located on a stamp.




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