Highlanders Food

A hundred or so yeas ago in Zakopane and it's surrounding area life was full of hardships. The highlander's food was simple to the extreme. Lamd and beef were served only on special or festive occasions. What was generally eaten was sauerkraut soup and boiled potatoes which were served with crackling and noodles made of plain or wheat flour. The way these were made was to pour some hot water on to oats or barley flour and then mix it. The thick soup thus obtained was poured into bowls. Fat with crackling was then added to the middle of the soup. Nothing was wasted in those times, not even leftover potatoes from lunch, these were made into 'moskols' on a hot plate. These were eaten widely instead of bread and they tasted great when a little butter or pork fat was spread on them. Sheep's milk cheeses shaped like double scones formed manually and then submerged in salty wated before being placed on special shelves high under the shepherds roof, where they were cured from the smoke of the open fire. When they were ready they were sliced and eaten(prefably with a glass of vodka)

Here's a few recipes

Moskol Pancakes( Moskole)

Mill 200 grams of boiled and cooled potatoes in a machine, then add 50 grams of wheat flour, a small egg and one spoon of butter and sour cream. Salt and knead into a lump free mass. Then hand form into small scones. Bake on two sides for 3 minutes in a hot frying pan, without adding any fat. Served best with garlic butter.

Sauerkraut Soup(Kwasnica)

Melt a tablespoon of lard in a pot, add a diced onion and braise. Add 3 cloves of cut garlic, 50 grams of diced smoked bacon and 100 grams of smoked ribs. Then braise it all together for approximately 5 minutes. Put 200 grams  of squeezed and cut sauerkraut in the pot and pour a litre of chicken stock over all the ingredients adding half a teaspoon of caraway seed. Boil until the cabbage and ribs are soft. Boil 200 grams of potatoes with a pinch of salt, dice them and add them to the sauerkraut soup. Add salt and pepper to taste. Four plates of soup can be made from the quantities given.

Baked Sheep Milk Cheese(Pieczony Oscypek)

The best cheeses are given only when the cow's milk is added to the sheep's milk. They do not run while being baked. Cut the cheese into slices and brown on a very hot pan or grill, without adding any fat.