List of members of the OUN & UPA organisations

This page has been created to name and shame the still living and deceased members of OUN, UPA and all other Ukrainian Naionalistic organisations who took part in the wholesale slaughter of the Polish populace and their own nationals who refused to "toe" their line in the dark days of World War 2, who to this day refuse to own up for their atrocities and continue to deny that those terrible acts did happen.

This picture was taken by an unknown photographer after a OUN/UPA massacre. These small children were tied to a tree with barbed wire. The road was lined with similar atrocities and the placard was placed on each tree. It read. "Droga do wolnej Ukrainy" (Road to a Free Ukraine). Would some one mind telling me what crime apart from being Polish did these children commit.

Current members still living in the United Kingdom;


Age/ Living in

Additional info

Bohdan Romanowsky

70, living in the Home Counties*

 None available

Wolodymyr Panasiuk

78, living in the Midlands*

 None available

Jurig Opara

80, living in Manchester*

 None available

  * Members of 14 (Galizien) SS Division.

Authors Note: A certain Lucyk had to flee to Canada after his whole family was murdered by OUN, this is also documented that the same person denounced his family. See the timeframe of a Antonowka village.

The reader should be aware that this is NOT a Political page but a terrible reminder of the atrocities committed by Ukrainian Nationalists against defenseless Polish populace.

Majority of these crimes were committed by Ukrainian inhabitants living in the same or neighbouring villages.


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