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Mailing Lists


The World's Most-Read Polish American Newsmagazine in the English Language

Poland Roots, this is a very good genealogical/history list with very helpful people

September '39 Campaign Page

Polonia w San Francisco

Galicja, is geared towards the old Austrio-Hungarian province of Galicja, again with very knowledgeable subscribers

Cavalry of the II Republic


 A Forgotten Odyssey, this site is in Remembrance to the thousands of families deported to Siberia by the Soviets

Kresy-Siberia, is geared towards researching and remembering the Kresy residents before WW2, including those people that were deported there to Siberia by the Soviets in 1940-41, many of who found their way to the Army of Gen. Anders


Sikorski Polish Club

Herbarz is a list dedicated to the Polish and Lithuanian Nobility

Polski Lwow

Polski Lwow


 Polish Genius is a new General Polish/History/Genealogy discussion group



Poland Border Surnames is another good mail list with impresive web pages

Wolyn Times of Forefathers






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