Podhorce - view of the Castle

Short History of the Castle

The beginnings of Podhorce are unknown, but in 1440 they belonged to the Podhorecki family. This is documented by the entry in "Sumariusz Dokumentow do Dobr Podhoreckich". In the beginning of the 17th Century Podhorce belonged to the Koniecpolski family. In the 1682 the son of the Hetman gave Podhorce to the King Jan III Sobieski. His son Prince Konstanty sold Podhorce in 1720 to Stanislaw Mateusz Rzewuski. When in 1767 Hetman Wielki Koronny Waclaw Rzewuski was deported to Kaluga(Even in those days Poles were deported to Siberia) his son Leon sold Podhorce to the Prince Wladyslaw Sangusz.

The initiator of building of the castle in the first half of the 17th Century was Hetman Stanislaw Koniecpolski. The building of the castle in the years of 1635-40 was directed by Wilhelm Beauplan. This was a house of two stories in the renesance style, surrounded by a moat.