The emblem of the Russian period was confirmed on the 22nd of January 1796. In the upper part of the shield there was an emblem of Nowograd-Wolynski. In the lower part in the azure field there were three conjoined towers with a gate to signify the entrance to the town from three sides.


Short Description/History

The first mention refers to the middle of the XIII century. The origin of the name comes from the word "riwnjna".

In the XV century Maria Neswitska succesfully obtained the Magdeburg Right for the town from king Kazimierz. It has been rumoured that a seal from those days had a picture of a gate of a castle created by Neswitska. The authentic certificate of the existence of the city dates back to 1429. On the island there was a wooden castle equipped with guns and church. At the end of ХV century the grand privilege of the Magdebourg right is granted. In 1518 the city has passed to Ostrozkifamily and in 1620 to Zamojski family and in 1642 it became the property Koniecpolski family.

On a city stamp in 1642 there was Leliwa a half moon, and above it a star. Military actions and fires resulted in a decline of city at the beginning of XVIII century. At 1732 Rowne passes to Lubomirski family. In 1778 the city received the royal privilege ofholdong an annual fair.
During the second half XIX century population of city increased up to 25.000. In 1930's the city council Rowne did attempt to restore the old arms.


Photos of Rowne


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