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District of Rowne


The first mention to the town dates to 1570. A historical name is Andrejow. Since –•VI century it was given the Rights of a City.


The first mention refers to 1570.


The first mention of the settlement under the name of Dubno can be found in Ipatiiv chronicles in 1100.
On the 3d of June 1498 the Great Lithuanian Prince gave the town the Magdeburg Right. A town seal of that time illustrated the family signs of the princes Ostrozkis. In the upper part there was "Ostroga" (in a gules field there was a half of an argent arrow conjoined with a half of a ring). In the lower part "Leliwa" - in an azure field an or six-pointed star and a crescent with their points facing up.


The Coat of Arms of the Russian period

On the 27th of January 1911 an emblem was confirmed in such a form - an or field of a shield was covered with vert oak leaves. In the upper part there was an emblem of Volyns'ka province. The shield is crowned with an argent mauerkrone with three embattlements and within two or spikes entwined with the ribbon of St.Alexander.


The first mention refers to 1463. The settlement was a little fortress on the island and belonged to prince Soltan.


The first mention refers to 1150 as a settlement under the name of Korczesk.


The town was founded in November 1788 after the privilege granted by the King Stanislaw August Poniatowski to the gentleman L.Vortsel.


The first written mention about Misocz dates back to 1322.
On the 23d of September 1761 the colonel Dunin-Karwatski received the privilege from King August III to found a town under the name of Wielki Misocz and he also received the Magdeburg Right for that town

The Magdeburg Coat of Arms

The Coat of Ams of Misocz was a round shield on which the letters "M" and "W" which were interlaced. Around the Coat of Arms there was an inscription - "Herb miasta, miasta Misocza". The letters "W" and "M" symbolized the name of the town


Is known since the end of XIXth century as new station in the railway Rivne-Luninets'


Was founded in 80's of XIXth century. Till 1922 it's place-name was Okotnikowo; this was the name of the owner of land, on which the settlement appeared.

Districts of

Lwow  ¦  Stanislawow



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