"Ukrainiec or Rusin" Ukrainian or Rusin

Before you read the text below a question arises, which Ukraine do the Ukrainians want, the one that Chmielnicki* sold to the Tsars or the one that Lenin sold to the Germans??

The name "Ukrainiec" (Ukrainian) first became known in the beginning of the 20th Century. Poles and Rusins lived together side by side on the same land, in the times before the name of Ukraine even existed. When the Rusins at the beginning of the 20th Century changed themselves into Ukrainians and started to show the first signs of animosity and hatred towards their neighbours that they lived alongside for centuries. The question arises why did they take on the name and the language of the country that was given to it by the Polish nation?.

It can be added that not all the Rusins liked to be called Ukrainian, some fiercely resisted the change of Nationality imposed on them by the rising Nationalist element.

The lands which before the First World War were called "Ukraine" and were under the occupation of Tsarist Russia, received their name from Poles in the times of Jagiello. These lands didn't only lay on the borders of Poland but on the borders of civilised Europe.

These lands were in "u kraju" (land) Rzeczpospolita, further were only "dzikie pola - dzicz - azja" (Wild Steppes). These were the true Ukrainian lands, later they were called just "Ukraine". Then those Rusins who inhabited those lands took on their nationality and the name of their country from the Poles that later they began to despise and murder.

As long as the inhabitants of the old Eastern Galicia thought of themselves as Rusins and their language as Ruski(Russian) all was well.

*Chmielnicki was a Polish Nobleman

 The rest is a long and bloody History.








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