The Legend and Tale of Samarkanda

This is a legend of sort but it has truth in it, as this land gained independence from the Soviet Union


When the soldiers of the Anders Army came to Samarkanda, the locals welcomed them and treated them like Kings, as their legends says that when a "Lechita*" from a far away land, plays a tune on a bugle(Hejnal Mariacki) on the main square in Samarkanda, it will gain it's independance. This is relation to the Polish buglers playing the Hejnal when the troops were resting. This legend dates back to the Turkish/Tatar invaders as some of the people living in Samarkanda had this tale passded down to them by their forefathers.








*Lechita - Pole

Samarkanda, this was a land in the terminology od Azja - on the borders of the present day Iran/Iraq. If there is a clarification please let me know, as I do not have a great deal of info on this.