The first written mention of the town is dated back to 1445. In the certificates of 1584 it already appears as city. To the middle of XVII Century it had parallel names Breznie and Andriw, in XIX  Century the name of Breznie was ratified. The settlement still with XVI Century had city rights, nevertheless, it's historical symbols are impossible to find. In 1920-1939 Coat of Arms with the image of an architectural construction was used.


The settlement existed in 1152. In XIV century it belonged to Kirdej family They constructed the castle. In documents from the second half XVI century the settlement appears as city.


The town began in the beginning  of XX century during a construction of the railway line of Kijow-Sarny-Kowel. A railway station was constructed near village Klesow in 1902.


Modern Klewan connect with annalistic Kolyban which dates back to 1113. About 1475 Prince Czartoryjski built a castle here and based in it the city of Klewan. The settlement received its Magdebourg right in 1654, in the right it also received the right to use a stamp with St.Michael. Archangel Michael acted as the defence counsel of city.



 It is located on a Korczak river coast from which has received its name. The first mention dates back to 1150. From beginning XV century proprietors of city of are Princes Korzetski, from middle XVII century Korzetc was passed to Leszczynski, the last owner was Prince Czartoryjski.


The historical name is Ostaltsi. It was the property of Prince Zaslawski and is initially mentioned in 1648-58 registers. In November, 14, 1783 Leonard Wortsel received from King of Stanislaw August the privilege with the right to base in village Ostaltsi city under name Kostopol. The privilege also was marked, that "a mark or a stamp for confirmation of acts, letters and city such, what proprietor has put to use city will appoint ". It's been almost impossible to find the established City Coat of Arms.


The name of a settlement connects it to water mills on Ikwa river. The first written mention about Mlyniow is known from end of ХV century when great Lithuanian prince Olexander has presented settlement to Moskwityn Bobr. In the certificate at 1562 appears already as city. Under the Royal privilege in 1789 the city received the sanction to hold four annual fairs.



The first occurrence of settlement dates back to the time of industrial revival in XIX century. The first name Ochotnikowe derives from a surname of the proprietor of the ground from which in 1888 the Belgian merchants got a small site, in 1896 construction of the towns glass factory began.


The first mention to the town date back to 1647. At the request of the proprietor of city Pawlo Teterja Rafalowka received in May 1666 the Royal privilege of the Magdebourg right and the sanction to 4 fairs.


The first written mentions are dated in 1570. The name of a settlement is deduced from words with "secret mountains" which should specify on mountain district with deep beams and rich woods. On April 3 1614 the city received the Royal privilege of the status of a city and self-management under the Magdebourg right, the right to tendering and fairs. Part of the privilege included the city arms which should be used on a stamp on it afixed is the image of Victorious George.