The views of Polish soldiers were pitiable towards the ordinary Soviet soldier

 "His uniform is in tatters, it has holes in it, his coat is shabby and he uses a piece of string for a belt, worn out boots, and the rifles are very old, probably WWI vintage, hung around their necks on a string." His fighting quality is very suspect and he has to be forced into the attack.

A captured Soviet soldier couldn't believe that all the Polish soldiers were well fed and that all the people had an individual house and the house had a "whole" roof on it. The biggest surprise for the Soviet soldier was that there was always enough to eat.

The Soviet officers were a different matter, they were well equipped and dressed, they showed great deal of animosity to Polish soldiers and especially the officers and non-commissioned officers. To them those people were classed as "Capitalists". They were considered by the Soviets as the Enemy of the "People"

Hence that sealed most of the officer corps fate during the years of 1939 to 1940 when 14,500 of them from the PoW camps of Ostaszow, Starobielsk and Kozielsk found their way to the mass graves in the Katyn forest. The lucky ones that managed to escape and hide later joined the Polish Army under Gen. Anders


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