Wilno thorugh the 1920's


The following pages show Wilno and the surrounding areas when the town and the surrounding areas were part of Poland. The town was very rich in Polish life and culture, from the table below you can gather the populace percentage within the city. If I'm not mistaken the Jewish inhabitants called Wilno the Jerusalem of the North.

Population of Wilno before World War 2

Lithuanians - 1%

Poles - over 50%

Remainder - Germans, Jews, Tatars etc


Page 1


Belmont, Zielony Most, Zamek Literacki, ul. Mickiewicza, Theatre, ul. Piwna, ul. Szopenowska

Page 2


River Wilja,  Most Zwierzyniecki, Palace in Werki, Theatre in Pobulance

Page 3


Ratusz (Town Hall), Sipiszki, ul. Zygmuntowska, University of Stefan Batory, ul. Krolewska

Page 4


Panoramic views of the city

Page 5


Cathedral, Churches of St. Anne, St Catherine, Peter and Paul, Klasztor, Dominican Church

Page 6


Planetarium, School yard, Kazimierowska Alley

In my humble opinion these photos are phenomenal, the city at that period in time was beautiful.


My thanks to Stan Klemanowicz for these wonderful photos