27th Wolynian 'AK' Division

In Polish

Wolynian Infantry Division of the AK(Home Army) it was the largest partisan tactical unit in Poland. It was formed from existing partisan units and mobilised soldiers of the AK from the areas of Kowel, Luck and Równe. The formation of the division took from January to March 1944, with the intention of carrying out the "Buza" action in Wolyn. After the end of mobilization the division consisted of 7,300 officers and men.

Commanders of the division

The division helped in the self defense of the Polish populace in the fight with the UPA elements, it also fought with German anti-partisan units and regular army front line units. In 1944 it fought some major actions, on 23rd February around Wlodzimierz Wolynski, on 9th March by Holobach and on 17th March in Zasmyki. In those actions the divisional headquarters assisted the Red Army with it's actions. The current commander J. Kieierski kept getting asked by the Red Army higher ranking officers if he would like to reorganize the division into a regular army unit and submitting the unit to the Red Army command. All those offers were refused as the division was a AK division subordinate to the Government in Exile. Surrounded by the Germans in the Kowel region 2 - 21st of April the division had fought some very bitter actions. Since the promised help from the Red Army never came, the division had to fight it's way out of the surrounding ring in the direction of Wlodawa, in this action the Division sustained considerable casualties, which amounted to anything between 10% to 50% of it's individual units.

Surrounded again at the end of May, part of it's strength managed to escape through the Prypec, escaping to the rear areas of the Red Army, where the commander of those that managed this effort was arrested, and the soldiers after being disarmed were forcibly conscripted to the Polish Communist Army under Gen. Berling. The remainder of the division retreated west, on 7th June they crossed the river Bug and went into hiding in the Parczewski Forest in the Lublin district. On the 21st July those remains from the forests freed the towns of Kock, Lubartow and Firleje.

After the entry of the Red Army into Wolyn the remains of the division were forced to surrender and the officers of 27 WDP were sent to the camps and gulags of the Soviet Union, some of the soldiers voluntarily enlisted in the Berling army, the remainder of them went to share the same fate as their officers.