This village belonged to the parish of Hallerczyn

 According to the census of 1931 the village consisted of;

206 buildings

973 inhabitants, this increased to over 1000 by 1939, the majority of the inhabitants were Ukrainian. The Polish populace was barely 15%.


Hallerczyn - Colony

Inhabited mainly by Poles. The Church parish included 1.674 persons. The local priest was fr. Michal Duszenko, he administered this parish between 1937 - 1943. The following villages were also part of the parish; Holoskowice, Ponikowica, Wolkowatycze, Zablotce.

 On the night of 2-3 September 1943 at approximately 2am the church was surrounded by a Banderowcy unit who opened fire with automatic weapons, one of the fatalities was fr. Michal Duszenko who was hit 7 times and died that night.

Between the years of 1944 - 1945, 20 Poles were murdered by the local Banderowcy/OUN/UPA units.

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